Firefighter Shawn Kane


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    Fire Certifications:  
    Fire Fighter I  
    Fire Fighter II  
    Fire Officer I  
    Fire Officer II  
    Fire Instructor I  
  Structural Burn Sessions  
  Hazmat Operations  
  Medical Certifications:  
  Emergency Medical Technician - Paramedic  
  CPR & AED Certified  
  Rescue Certifications:    
  Basic Vehicle Rescue Technician    
  Water Rescue Operations    
  Confined Space Rescue Technician    
  Trench Rescue Awareness    
  Ropes and Rigging    
  Collapse Rescue Awarness    
  Rapid Intervention Teams  
  Farm Emergencies  
  Managing Tractor Overturns  
  Misc. Certifications:  
  Emergency Vehicle Driver Training  
  FEMA - NIMS IS-100  
  FEMA - NIMS IS-700  

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