Greenawalds Fire Team


Those who serve our community:




Fire Team Officers

Chief:  Matt Bertsch (1101)

Assistant Chief:  Andrew Garger (1102)

Deputy Chief:  Joshua Green (1103)

Captain: Adam Garger (1104)

Lieutenant: Mike Deprill (1105)

Lieutenant:  Steve Snyder (1106)

Lieutenant: Jared Tellechea (1107)

Fire Police Captain:  Bill Reynolds  (1109)

Fire Police Lieutenant: Vinny Quinn (1109A)

 Safety Officer:  George Sverha


Fire Company Officers

President:   Keith Cleaver

Vice President: Mitch Geist

  Treasurer:   Mike Smith

Secretary:  Chris Peischl

Trustees:   Darryle Callihan, Dave Schmidt, Jim Trexler Jr.








                                 Current Greenawalds Roster

Matthew Bertsch   Firefighter/EMT/VRT
Joey Britt   Firefighter
Darryle Callihan   Fire Police
 Matthew Callihan   Firefighter/VRT
Keith Cleaver   Firefighter/VRT 
Mike Deprill   Firefighter/EMT/VRT
Jacob Dorward   Junior Firefighter
Justin Dwyer   Junior Firefighter/VRT
Grayson Ehritz   Junior firefighter
 John Frantz   Firefighter/VRT/Fire Marshall
 Richard Frantz (Past Chief and 55+ Year Member)   Firefighter/VRT  
 Adam Garger   Firefighter/PHRN/VRT  
Andrew Garger   Firefighter/EMT/VRT  
 Mitch Geist   Firefighter/VRT
    Joshua Green  


 Robert Hebel (Served as Chief for 10 Years)   Firefighter/EMT/VRT
 Matt Hertz   Firefighter/VRT
Garrett Hillenbrand   Firefighter
Shawn Kane   Firefighter/Paramedic/VRT
Chris Kelly   Firefighter/EMT/VRT
Carl P Kern   Probationary Firefighter
    Mark Kleibscheidel   Firefighter/Paramedic/VRT
  Phil Lathrop   Firefighter/VRT
Chris Moore   Probationary Firefighter
    Manly Offutt  


Chris Peischl   Firefighter/Paramedic/VRT
  Bryan Pfenning   Firefighter/VRT  
Thomas Pfenning   Firefighter/VRT 
Vinnie Quinn   Fire Police
Bill Reynolds   Fire Police Captain
  Bill Sames   Firefighter/Paramedic/VRT
       Dave Schmidt   Firefighter/EMT/VRT 
   John Semonich   Firefighter/Paramedic/VRT
Mike Smith   Firefighter/VRT
Mikey Smith Jr   Firefighter
       Steve Snyder   Firefighter/EMT/VRT 
     Timothy Sutton   Firefighter/VRT 
Jared Tellechea   Firefighter/EMT/VRT
     David Torrey   Firefighter/VRT
    James Trexler Jr.   Firefighter/VRT
    James Trexler Sr.   Firefighter/VRT

*VRT = Vehicle Rescue Technician, EMT = Emergency Medical Technician


Volunteers proudly serving our community





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